Land of Spirits


Land of Spirits is a media project about endangered Shor people initiated by a small group of creatives. In the summer of 2013 they made a trip to the Mountainous Shoria, South of Western Siberia, Ust-Anzas village. This traditional settlement is still home to indigenous Shors who fluently speak their native language and keep with their traditional way of living.

The crew spent ten days outside of civilization without running water or electricity. During their visit in mid July, they witnessed the busiest time of the year when locals collect hay. This traditional routine reflected even in Shor language. July in Shor called “pichen” or a month of hay. Crew members spent a day with hay mowers at the sunny slopes of Taz Gol mount. The most revealing part of the trip was taiga exploration. The crew visited Dalny Kezek - a village deep in taiga where life style of its inhabitants have changed little since the 17 century. As Siberian natives Shors still have animistic beliefs and see spirits as the guardians of their land. Therefore, the major goal of the trip was to collect the stories about taiga and water spirits - "tag ezi" and "sug ezi" which the crew successfully fulfilled.

Today they are happy to share these fascinating stories together with a gallery and trailer with you.


Zina Semenova

project leader

Mike Bogatyrev

cameraman, editor

Maria Lavrentieva


Vera Bogatyreva

sound recorder, photographer

Manuel Lara

line producer

Eugine Teppoev

technical assistant, editor

Nikolay Topakov

local guide

Anita Topakova

local guide

Watch the Trailer

Brief History of Shors

Read on medium
Mike & Zina

How Zina and crew went to end of the world and met the Shorian King

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Vera & Maria

Taiga exploration. How the crew got to know hay mowers

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Grandma Zoe

Meet Zoe and let's ride on her horse to the nearest store

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Shor King

Get on board and let King show you around

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Our crew says thank you for your interest and support for our project.

Without you this project would have never been possible.

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  • Tatiana - a store owner & her family
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